Having studied and practiced in India, my approach to Yoga, is a classical tantric understanding of the mind as a tool, and the importance of the subtle body/the energy body.  


My interpretation of Yoga is transformation.

Diving into the depth and wisdom of the body and soul, and inviting change and flow. 

I incorporate the elements, especially fire and uses it to lighten the body: burn down old programmes in order to give room and space for new energies. In the work of transformation I invite spirits and deities to facilitate the process, while connecting with the breath.  

Kali, the hindu Goddess of nature, power and matter.  

Shiva and Shakti/Parvati, the hindu Gods of creation, destruction and transformation of the universe. 

Durga, the Goddess of war and combat.


Péle, the Goddess of volcanoes, fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands.   

Sharing stories and images about these Gods helps reaching further and deeper into the tranformation. 

The style of yoga I teach is Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa Flow. A strong practise.  



Shiva and Shakti