I trained at Ophelia acting school in Copenhagen from 2006 to 2009. Here I developed my love for the Meisner technique; an acting method that draws you into the moment and reveals your deepest impulses and feelings. 

In 2010 I got offered a scholarship that made it possible for me to accept a place at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London. I received my Bachelor in Arts with a Second Class Honors (1st. Division) in 2013.

Shortly after, I signed with Nic Knight Management, where I worked as an actress in London involving myself into a wide spectrum of projects, from pantomime to avant-garde whilst at the same time I developed and refined both my writing and speaking skills in British-English. Additionally, I started an internationally casted improvisation group, that performed shows in London and toured in the Midlands of the U.K. 

In 2015 I moved back to Copenhagen, where once again I began to lead groups of actors, and later musicians, creating improvisation projects such as '#YesAllWomen’ and ‘2nd Season’. The Danish Actor's Association has chosen to fund '2nd Season', and that I am proud of. 

Today I work as a consultant, artistic collaborator and an established yoga teacher.

The Golden thread through all my activities revolves around transformation (journey) and empowerment (growing). 



Love me till death | Director: Kirstine Bidstrup and Anton Isbrand | Copenhagen 2018


Norma | Director: Ida Kat Balslev | Copenhagen 2017


Smokestack | Director: Hugo Guerra | London 2014


Graig Taylor Short | Director: Dan Rowson | London 2013


Edutainment computer game | Director: Simon Lund | Copenhagen 2008

Motion Capture 


2nd Season | Improvisational musical theater | Copenhagen 2018 - 2020  

Artistic director/Actress

Dacapo | Theater in Business/Leader training | Denmark, Sweden, Germany 2015 - 2020


Ensemble 770 | #YesAllWoman | Planeten, Theater House in Magstræde | Copenhagen 2015 


Sugar Smoke Productions | Improv Noir | Touring | London 2013 - 2015 

Co founder/Ensemble/Improvisation

Sketch Rich or Die Trying | Fringe | London 2014


Entertainment Options Hawaii | New Year show at Four Season Hotel | Director: Victoria Joyce | USA 2013 

The Only Girl 

Woman and the Scarecrow | Director: Søren Iversen | Huset's teater | Copenhagen 2007 

The mistress

Lessons Learned Ltd Training | Theater in Business | Director: Tim Parkman | London 2013 

Annika Fisker 

Iwona - The Princess of Burgundia | S.U.K.| Director: Anne Sophie Gert | Krudttønden | Copenhagen 2009 

Queen Malgorzata 

3rd Year Productions on Academy of Live and Recorded Arts | London 2013


Aunt Betsy Trotwood

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens| Director: Cordelia Monsey 

Market Boy by David Eldridge| Director: Helena Bell

Old Biddy/Kate Arms                                                      

Women of Troy by Euripides| Director: Gareth Nicholls


3rd Year Productions on Ophelia Acting School | Copenhagen 2009

You, Me and Mine by Thomas Levin | Director: Thomas Levin 


Odd Couple by Neil Simon| Director: Carsten Kressner


The Winter's Tale by Shakespeare | Director: Thomas Magnussen


Speak and signing

Big Fish Media | London/Copenhagen 2016

Speak to commercials and informercials 

TDC | Copenhagen 2016​

Speak to informercials 

A Hologram for the King | Director: Tom Tywer | London 2014  

Voice over 

Buster Film | Director: Lars Knudsen | Copenhagen 2008 


When I Close My Eyes | Strange Paradise | Scratch | Artist: Ganga | Copenhagen 2007 



NORF Studio | Verisure Commercial | Director: Ida Kat Balslev | Copenhagen 2019


Longo Vital reklamer | Director: Johan Forsby | Copenhagen 2015​ - 2017 


Benylan | Johnson and Johnson | Director: Alan Compton | London 2013


Teaching and consultant work 

ZeRUM (ZeBu) | IRL for youth | Drama teacher | Copenhagen 2016

Konfliktvejledning.dk | Workshops in conflict management | Teacher/Actress | Denmark 2015 - 2019

Dacapo.dk | Leader training | Consultant/Actress | 2015 - 2019

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