In London, unlike Denmark, they are very keen on finding your casting and then just work in depth with it. It turns out the roles that fit my style best tend to be unusual wild and rather energetic women.

I was called 'The Wild Lady Dane' on my acting school. Initially, I was surprised to hear! Indeed, I enjoyed embodying such roles, but I could not understand what they were seeing, until much later on.

​In Denmark where I currently live, I got the opportunity to increasingly develop this natural tendency.

My spectrum of work includes acting, writing, collaboration, facilitating and producing.


We fuse various styles and genres at my little theater ‘2nd Season’. We devise material from improvisation and ensemble work, using the singing voice too.  

I have always been interested in gender perception with a focus on the role of the feminine. It is my conviction that we live in a time where a positive shift is taking place regarding female and masculine qualities, which they become increasingly more in tune resulting into liberation for both sexes.

With each project I do, I like to involve the audience and I am not afraid to provoke or tear up ideas or concepts. 


Headshot by Lis Kasper Bang